Autopilot Release Notes


February 19, 2020


Portworx has upgraded or enhanced functionality in the following areas:

Improvement Description
Added a new CRD, called AutopilotRuleObject, which can be used to check for useful events in objects that autopilot monitors, such as PVCs and StoragePools.
Added basic metrics for monitoring Autopilot and Grafana dashboards to view them. To view Autopilot metrics, follow the steps in the Prometheus and Grafana article.


The following issues have been fixed:

Issue Description
When an Autopilot pod restarted while expanding a storage pool, it sometimes started expanding another storage pool.

User impact: If multiple pools for a volume started expansion together, the volume could go out of quorum.

Resolution: Autopilot pods now correctly wait for previous storage pool expansions to complete when they’re restarted.
Deleting Autopilot rules or PVCs sometimes caused the Autopilot pod to crash

User impact: If Autopilot crashed, it could start expanding another storage pool while one was already in being expanded.

Resolution: The Autopilot pod no longer crashes when rules or PVCs are deleted.


November 18, 2019

Introducing Portworx Autopilot! See the Autopilot section of the documentation for more information

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